SpaceBalls is a new crypto-meme coin on the Binance Smart Chain

It originated from an Elon Musk tweet about the American space opera parody film 'Spaceballs'. This recent viral tweet by the billionaire technology entrepreneur, inspired our community to embrace the unique correlation between 80s Sci-Fi Comedy and the modern Decentralized Financial industry emerging in Cryptocurrency.


SpaceBalls works on the Binance Smart Chain. I’ts an Elon Musk Tweet based meme cryptocurrency, which is an asset in and of itself. More specifically, SpaceBalls is a hyper-deflationary token with  a smart sharing system built into it’s contract, so each investor gets more SpaceBalls tokens added to their wallet on every transaction.

This mean that each coin holder gets a 4% commission on every transaction that takes place. 2% of transactions go to the liquidity pool, to help create a health market, and 2% goes to marketing and development of the SpaceBalls Ecosystem.


Redistributed to Holders


Added to the liquidity pool


To Marketing and Development


Due to the hyper-deflationary nature of our token, SpaceBalls is planning on researching the moon in relatively no time by traveling at ludicrous speed. 10% of our supply was burned at launch and that amount continues as it receives redistribution from buy’s and sells of our token.

Phase 1

  • Initial Fair Launch
  • Establish Social Media Platforms
  • Website Launch
  • Community giveaways & Promos
  • Team Development

Phase 2

  • Reaching 2500 Telegram Members
  • Bridging to and launching on Ethereum chain as an ERC20
  • Bigger Giveaways and Rewards for the community
  • Major Influencer Marketing

Phase 3

  • Hit 25,000 telegram susbscribers
  • Development of a GameFi platform and SpaceBalls
  • Centralized Exchange Listings
  • Continue partnerships and Brand Development

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